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About Us

Shazzy's Creations started in August 2017 when I began making gifts for my loved ones. I was starting a new job at the time so I spent two weeks away from home doing training so evenings were spent at the hotel 'jazzing' up glasses adding gems. Before long I ventured into glittering glasses and applying vinyls that I had ordered online. Things were slow initially, only really selling things to family and friends on occasion.


In around August 2019 I contemplated selling all of my craft stuff before deciding to have one last push. So I began listing on eBay and Etsy. With the Christmas rush things soon picked up and kept me busy! It was around this time that I contemplated buying a vinyl cutter in the New Year to cut out the middle man and waiting times. Then for Christmas the lovely Mr Shazzy's Creations surprised me with a vinyl cutter of my own.

In January 2020 the spare room became my office and served me well completing the occasional orders that came in. Lockdown hit in March and although my workplace temporarily closed meaning I had the time to complete orders I didn't feel confident enough to go to the Post Office. After spending months trying to 'complete' TV the news that I would not be returning to work anytime soon made me decide I needed to get my bum into gear. I decided on the 1st of June 2020 to reopen my order book and I haven't looked back since. 

Although Etsy and eBay were getting some orders in the fees were driving me mad, so I decided I would try my hand at creating my own website. 

So a little about the people behind Shazzy's Creations. Shazzy's Creations is not my full time job I work in childcare and have done for the last ten years. I'm a little bit of a vinyl and glitter addict, it's so pretty! It's possible that I may be obsessed with Highland coos, I hope to have two in the future- I've already chosen their names. When I'm Shazzy Creating (as it's called by Mr Shazzy's Creations) I love just having music on full blast and singing along (badly). I'm also a little bit of perfectionist which does come in handy when ensuring that any items I create are up to high standards.

Mr Shazzy's Creations is a builder on the side of being Shazzy's Creations Chief Post Office Parcel Drop Off-er. He has not yet been trained up in the art of creating items, although he did once try his hand at glittering a glass- it did not end all that well! 

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